So, I went to this screening of a film on masculinity and hip-hop (yawn) a couple of months ago. A friend invited me who I figured would be fun to pal out with for an evening. His "buddy" actually was hosting the screening and gave us tickets.

We went to the venue (National Gallery) and checked it out. But, there was this very nice woman who also knew the hosting "buddy." She was very nice, smart, chatty, etc. But, you know not someone you'd expect to ever see again.

OK, so a couple of weeks ago, I'm out on the town for dinner and shenanigans, when I noticed this kind of familiar woman looking at me. She says, "I know you!" and we reconstruct where we met. I departed later with a "See you in a couple of weeks" or some silly shit like that.


So, I went to the (sorry no account) Washington Nationals game last night, and they actually beat the Atlanta Braves. So, a good night. But, as I was waiting for my friend to come out of the bathroom, this woman passes me and stops and says, "Oh. My. God!" Yikes, right?! It was her, the stalker Sara(h), and I joke that she's stalking me, etc. Funny. We part ways....

So, my friend and I make a dash for the train, thousands of people. We get to the station and walk along a waiting train. We pass on the first couple of cars and enter one that wasn't as full. We actually left this car and went to the next train. I look up and have to shout, "Now I know you're stalking me!"

Weird. I'm never leaving the house again.