Leprechauns and Unicorns

It's casual/eat-lunch-out Friday! And, I'm reading the Washington Post ™, dammit (because it's in the free bin)!

1) It screams (that's what headlines do), "Books Print Critical Portraits of Clinton." Here ye, here ye! Washington Post, print (and online for a while), May 25, 2007. The headline is, in essence, an ad for two more books that are critical of Hillary Clinton. So?

She's apparently described as "brilliant and controlling, ambitious and victimized." Right, we knew this, remember? "Two biographies challenge image the presidential candidate has presented on the campaign trail." Sigh.... There's nothing left to stick.

Well, no shit.

2) Speaking of shit. Yesterday, a bird shat upon my president during a press conference.
"It happened midway through his news conference in the Rose Garden yesterday morning, in between his 10th and 11th mentions of al-Qaeda: A bird flew over the president and deposited a wet, white dropping on the upper left sleeve of his jacket. Bush wiped the mess off with his bare hand."

Perhaps there is a god.

3) Speaking of god, Hanna Rosen writes about The New Establishment: How Evangelicals Became Part of Washington's Fabric. Basic argument is that Monica Goodling is neither a mope nor alone. They're everywhere, like bedbugs in a cockroach crackhouse.

Remember, as wrong as you believe Goodling and he cadre to be, the beauty is, she and her cadre believe that we (you and I) are way more wrong. They are an army for christ and they aren't playing around. [Who's the sucker now?]

"Fascinating" is the only word I can think of. Maybe some day I will be proven (key word) wrong, but this belief-in-religion thing is straight-up goofy to me.

Faith! They shout it. Faith! (How's that again?) Faith, my brothers, sisters and children. Have faith and ye shall enter the kingdom of heaven.

I was spending some rare time fooling around in Netflix ™ and ended up watching the trailer for Jesus Camp. Whoo-boy!

And they give shit to muslims for "indoctrination?" Whoo-boy! What did I call those kids before, "goofy?" Sure, lots of that, but add a gogolplex of "loony" and we're closer.

Maybe this could be my audience for my new low-cost policies in Therapy Insurance. My four-word pitch:
What if you're wrong?