Ask Ty...May 16...STYLE!

Q: You have a very cool style.... And I wonder, how much of that is tied to your race?

- George Stephanopoulos

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, George. People just love my cool style and often attribute it to my race. Yes, I do try to bring out the best in JewFroPino style, but it's only partially tied to my race (you douche bag). Mostly, I strut based on a combination of high self value (Like Jesse Jackson taught me, "I am somebody!") and constant access to the freshest of fashion Dos and Don'ts in the K-Lands!

Here how my boy, Brock O'Baughmma, answered that question of George's:
"That's interesting."
Anyway, here's how I'm going to answer that silly ass question. In the spirit of Rolling Stone (tm) magazine's "STYLE - My Look!" column, I present to you, Ask Ty STYLE!


From visor to pouch, Ty Hardaway breaks down his wares:

"I haven't really cultivated my own look just yet," says the Kingdom of Leisure artist, Ty Hardaway, 41, who just released his obscure third installment of the Maryland trilogy, Free Milk Seminar (link = search listing). Most days he dresses the part of father-artist -- "breathable fabrics and t-shirts and shorts" -- and others, he gets down tripgrass style. "Maybe later in my career I'll be able to entertain other looks, just to see what suits me," he says. "The best is yet to come (because I'm black, Jewish, and Filipino)."

1 VISOR "My visor (Nike Team) is both stylish and practical. This LA Dodger visor not only flies the home colors, but keeps my eyes shaded and head pretty cool. I learned this trick from Steve Spurrier when he was Redskins (tm) head coach. This, my friends, is the very best from the Philippines."

2 SUNGLASSES "I never lose my shades (Ray Ban) with this thick, black cord attached. While my homies are looking around for their coolest sunglasses, I'm all covered - in style! Oy vey, wouldn't want to lose expensive glasses."

3 SHORTS/Ts "Shit! Old ass shorts (Circa) and Ts (Old Guys Rule) never go out. Everybody knows that fashion is cyclical, you wear anything long enough and, snap!, that shit's back in style before you know it. This is strictly California in the house!"

4 SHOES/SOX "I kind of do my own thing downstairs. I own the argyle/skate (J Crew/Zoo York) shoes industry. Nobody can pull that one 'cept me. I'm not really sure where this style comes from."

5 THE POUCH "You blow milk out of your nose while laughing at my wacky shit, and, snap!, I'm on it! I keep my camera (Canon) right on my hip in my little brown pouch (UPS). That's why I'm the freshest! Uh, Patrick the UPS guy that gave me this pouch is, uh, white...."

There really isn't much to my style that comes from the black community...maybe my belt (Independent)? Or my underwear (Calvin Klein)? Dunno.


Just a guess!