Man, You Guys Are Suckers!

Remember when Colin Powell went the UN and was all lying about the Saddam Hussein threat? Remember that theater? Here’s what he said way back then:
  • We have no indication that Saddam Hussein has ever abandoned his nuclear weapons program.
  • We have more than a decade of proof that he remains determined to acquire nuclear weapons.
  • Saddam Hussein already possesses two out of the three key components needed to build a nuclear bomb.
  • Since 1998, his efforts to reconstitute his nuclear program have been focused on acquiring the third and last component, sufficient fissile material to produce a nuclear explosion.
  • Saddam Hussein is determined to get his hands on a nuclear bomb.

And, up until that point (and generally afterwards), people described the good (negro) General as “honorable,” “professional,” and “honest.” But, people were surprised that he would do that for this administration. The Colin Powell would “risk his honor” and go and lie to the world.

So, who in their right mind thought Ms. Monica Goodling (pictured with "Baby Karl" Kyle Sampson) was going to go into a Congressional hearing and either break down or give up, what, Bush and Cheney? Yes, Monica Goodling was going to tell the truth and I'm going to be the next president. I’m not believing all the surprise and outrage. This is what she does; sticks to the script under oath, torture, or threat of demise. Despite her less than prestigious undergraduate (Messiah) and law education (the fourth-tier Regent) she is a professional, a trained assassin, educated on-the-job (and subsequently coached) under some of the best crooks in the history of crooks.

From Wiki:
Ms. Goodling worked alongside Tim Griffin as an opposition researcher for the Republican National Committee during the 2000 presidential campaign. She joined the Department of Justice's press office after George W. Bush was elected president. She moved to the department's executive office, which is responsible for budgeting, management, personnel management and evaluation, later becoming deputy director of the executive office. After less than a year, Goodling moved again, to the attorney general’s office, working as the White House liaison. According to David Ayres, senior chief of staff to Attorney General John Ashcroft, "She was the embodiment of a hardworking young conservative who believed strongly in the president and his mission". But according to Bud Cummins, one of the fired prosecutors and an Arkansas Republican, “She was inexperienced, way too naïve and a little overzealous".
So, Monica Goodling was going to single-handedly bring down this despicable house of cards. The headlines tell me that “Goodling ‘Crossed the Line.’” Wow! Better than the contents of Nixon's blank tapes. Turned a corner, crossed a line, stay the course and nobody has stepped on a crack. What the hell, people? This is all we got? You put, "Crossed the line" on the front of you newspapers? What. Ever.

And, clearly all knives are out for McNulty. Both Gonzalez and Goodling have thrown Paul McNulty under the old bus (can you say “Scooter”?). So, were back where we started with this whole mess and Karl, Harriet, George, and Dick are nowhere near the heat.

Good. I always admire competence. The GOP has loads of competence and The Democrats (you remember, “a bold new direction for a secure America”) are still like retarded, drunk, blinded mimes racing across freeway traffic (reminds me of a story from just this morning*). No wonder Dick and George remain so arrogant. There's not a power in the universe to humble them. I mean, seriously, Karl is the dope pimp mack daddy of the highest order (second only to Dick Cheney), right?

File this one under “Duh!” And know that all the will she or won’t she cry suspense and anticipation was part of the play, dummy.

If they can make the good general lie, mopes like Gonzalez, Goodling, and Scooter – who all probably don’t know a truth anymore – are going to stay the proverbial course.


* A Short Story: This morning a beater pick-up truck caught fire on the freeway in the center divide. The fire trucks were on the right shoulder. A cop walked out onto the freway and stopped the traffic. He yelled at me.