College Fund?

Think you’re messed up? Scary, huh? Well just think for one minute how messed your kids will be? And if you think college will be expensive, think about what all those years of up your kids therapy will add up to? Sure, you won’t pay for it, you say…yeah you will. Guilt! And, the insurance corporations don’t really give a shit about your mental health (or your physical health for that matter - nor does you job) and they’ll cut you off at some “maximum mental health care” threshold or something.

So there’s no winning in this situation, right? Wrong!

That’s where, ahem, that’s where Therapy Insurance comes in. Pay a little bit at a time starting when little “pookie” is a baby and you’re all set…At the age of 30, you’ll be obligation free and, ironically, guilt free too. Think of it as a really fucked-up layaway (maybe they'll get "cured" in time to put your old ass up in one of the cushier "retirement centers."

College fund? No, no, no. Therapy fund!

Think about that.