Saturday On the Stoop - 8:11-9:33 Ante Meridiem

The Calm Before Relative Anarchy

Two police cars going 'round and 'round, speaking of
BMW from Florida out and back for a donut run
A safe, clever nest in the neighbor's wood trim
Woodpeckers heard in the distance and a rabbit in full stride seen

Alan and Rufus who doesn't bark at me anymore, "because he's old"
The usual suspects plus the interlopers and renters slinking
Quiet, save (count them) at least five different bird species
And now an aero-plane and an air conditioning unit
... and some woman in full conversation via the cellular

Plenty of "good mornings" and "howdys" and such
Cool cloudy breezy perfection of coffee and bagel and occasional goose flesh
The last cool day of this year before it all reverts to swampland
And sweat and air conditioning units and red flag days and anarchy

But quiet for now nonetheless thanks to the birds and the trees
And the walkers, joggers, strollers, bikers, weekend warriors of lawn and home care
An "Organic Community Garden" kid hands me a sprig of oregano
A kiss from the girl and we start all over again