Fenceposts #7

OK, now I'm ready to discuss this project.

Preliminary rough fitting and marking (what goes where in pencil) of Project B today. Bed for B. It's a mid-height loft bed with room for desk or what-evs underneath. Cross pieces will fit into slots; mortise & tenon, doy (it'll look more like the drawing than this, tenons not cut on side rails yet).

It's designed by B and I in consultation with Manniyer Mark and is built with Mark's guidance by me.

I think the desk will be a stand alone piece rather than built-in as originally conceived. More modular means greater flexibility for the client. And when you live in a two room apartment, modular and flexibility are key. So this utilized the vertical and give more to the horizontal. Right?

What are the holes? These were old banisters/handrails that were to be tossed in a "renovation." Tossed. Thrown away. Landfill. Where's the ladder? What?! Maybe I'll put some bubblewrap on it too. Perhaps some Purell®. You wanna sleep, you gotta climb, kid. It's not made from silver spoons and trust funds.

Maybe this is the half point. Select label, "Project B," for history.

What did you do today?