Somebody Spoke and I Went Into A Dream


Routines of the day gave way to detailed multi-person, multi-state conference call style discussions pertaining to who, what, where, when, and why. How, thank G-d, was miraculously tabled until the next full meeting of the board of directors. Everyone became very tired from the level of detail in these discussions. Theory having won the day, execution waits.

Dang if today didn't hit an accelerator before it even started. Working. Words. Weird. Wired.

And for as much promise as the day held, all caveats remain firmly in place. I'm guessing that greater than 99 percent of every Big Idea, every untested paradigm, and every notion of re-invention fails. Hard. So-hard. It's reminiscent of close-up sleight-of-hand magic poker. This shuffle of the cards may be that last one before the big, surprise, heroic reveal OR something in the sequence gets corrupted and the big reveal turns out to be a fifth ace at a table full of seasoned hustlers (each with their own fifth ace up a sleeve).

Last fair deal in the country/
Last fair deal in the town

Who knows where fact meets fiction meets new meets old meets known meets unknown. No on has, no one will.

Remember, the opposite of ruckus is peace.