Ask Ty...July 17 [The Comments Question]

It must be Tuesday Friday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,
What's the deal with the "Anonymous Comments Only" thing?


- Everybody

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Everybody.
"The anon comments are cool - it makes you really pay attention to the verbiage and flow of the writer..."

- Sean H. Doyle
Do I need to say more? Doy(le)! Really?! Jesus, people, you're just insatiable, I tell you.


I guess it was Sistine who finally got me to turn the comments on, on AKD, after years of posting on the internets with comments set in the "off" position. I figured that since nobody was actually looking at my stuff, it just wasn't necessary. In fact, it felt a tad desperate to have the comments set to the "on" position--as if there was a begging desire for feedback. LOOK AT ME!

I didn't initially want to do it, but people did express some interest (desire?) to say things in response to my work. Fine. I guess it's too hard for some ADHD types to open Gmail and write to me with their feelings and input, so I finally opened up comments. I relented. I figured that comments would facilitate interaction with the three people who followed some of my stuff. Whatever. No regrets.

I get it. I mean I've made my fortunes in other people's comments. It's basically how I met all my friends (since I'm a hideous, basement-dwelling, living-with-my-parents interweb dork). I know, I know. People want to say their thing. I even try to be a good and diligent commenter myself, right? I only want to encourage--to nudge--certain people to keep doing what they do. It's selfish on my part. I want more. I'm insatiable for certain work. I want to know how my friends and good artists think. I want their work to be mine and mine alone; my own customized world of leisure and internet entertainment. And to the people whom I claim use the internets incorrectly, this is what it's all about: Having your own customized world of leisure and internet entertainment. How else could we have worldwide networks intelligent and artistic interactions and, who could ask for more?


Comments are the blessing; comments are the curse. Comments build up, and comments can tear down (see: Street Carnage). I'm "whimsical" like that and I turn 'em on and I turn 'em off all the time. Here's my personal analysis of why?
1) I do not want to feel as if I'm working for particular audience members, those who build up. It's easy to do that. To let the "fans" of particular things drive the economics of art.

2) I do not want to feel I'm shying away from work that is panned by those who tear down. Also very easy. And again the economics of art.

3) I want to pretend that I really don't give a shit about what people think of my work but that's THE lie that is as old as art itself. Just ask Michael Jackson and Dash Snow. Of course we give a shit.

4) Comments can be, to some, their meth-crack-amphetamine. Live and die, don.

5) And, of course, I quit the Internet.

But let's think on this THROUGH for a moment. Opposite to the club of hidden haters who comment anonymously is a whole universe of hidden beauty that comes with the freedom that allows a commenter to explore, disagree, or position their views without feeling they have to shape their thoughts and words in a way that reflects (positively) upon their Selves, or in any particular fashion. Meaning, people shouldn't have to always be their consistent (funny, bitter, glib) comment characters. Again: Consistent Comment Characters. Not everybody has or need to believe that they have an agenda like the famous Mr. Preck_.

For example, just look at the incredible stuff here: [clicky]. Call me selfish, but this epitomizes freedom. Freedom, beauty, art, good skin, low cholesterol, and a healthy libido. I ask you, Everybody, what more could anyone want?

Comments? Please?! LOOK AT ME!

Just a guess,


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