The Jibber to the Jabber

"Quit yo' jibba-jabba!" In the style of celebrity character "Mr. T." Over and over. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. In the bathroom. Unloading the dishwasher. Feeding the cat. I kept saying that shit over and over this morning. I'm not really certain why I continued to repeat that very phrase in that very manner but even my 7 year-old kid questioned my morning madness. "Why are you saying 'Quit yo'jibba-jabba!' over and over, daddy? What is that?" Over and over I said it though. It was in my head. "Quit yo' jibba-jabba!"

Well (it just goes to show) there is a great deal of jibber-jabber of late. Talk of death, celebrity, suicide, homicide, media assassination, culture jamming, and the like. I'm running cold and hot on these thins anymore; you already know this as a factual state of my being. I've cut back from the 'net, but there seems to be so much more to accomplish there. It's no longer a question of "what to do?" but a question of "what needs to be done?"

Speaking of...Sean tuned me into Harry Allen setting Kirstie Alley straight for tweeting how she wished she were black. It was beautifully managed even though Kirstie Alley is fairly inconsequential jibber-jabber. But it inspired me. Where do I go? I can keep flying so low (solo) or I can run around like a man aflame in an asbestos suit like in the movies too. No stopping and dropping and rolling...just flailing of arms about lighting everything else afire. So muchjibber-jabber and the pitying of fools!

Speaking friend,FoOl, lamented the loss of a radio hero. I feel my boy's pain but suicide is a dicey proposition. And there are pretty much only two camps on suicide. Camp One is the "suicide is a chump proposition," it's for losers, suckers, the selfish, and the weak. Camp Two is the "control-of-destinies" camp. That is, as individuals we hold the ultimate card in how our lives play out and how our lives end. If we decide that we don't want any more, we can opt out. And while I present suicide in a binary fashion, there are many, many shades and hues and degrees to factor into a stew ofjibber -jabber. The punchline we all avoid is we're all going to die any-damn-way. It's now how we die. It's (obviously) how we live. If we inspire, if we create, if we nourish, if we enjoy, if we analyze, if we keep it true to constructed ideals...then it just doesn't matter how we die. It's not a contest judged by who can live the longest. Death is the only guarantee ever and forever. It's a club that is unique in its non-exclusivity.

Speaking of...Yahoo! sent me an emailing about how geocities is closing. Who cares, right? But we assumed at some point that all our jibber-jabber ramblings would somehow magically exist forever on the internets. Not the case here. Well, it'll long be archived but it won't be right there for the grabbing. Geocities was a classic era of internetting. Even I still have original geocities sites up:

Geocities closes shop forever on October 26, two days after my birthday, and most of 1997 will be forever lost. Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!

But (it just goes to show) all of everything is temporary, anyhow. How long do we need what, anyway? It's all jibber-jabber, fools! Much pity on yourselves? No! No pity, fools. Tell us, Ty, what do we do then? Deal with the facts. Figure out what needs to be done. Do that.

And stop with the "jibber-jabber," okay?