I Play The Kazoo
I play the kazoo in the marching band // check me out when you come out to the parade grounds to watch me play some buzzy tunes in step with all my peoples.

I play the kazoo for the heroes of the past and the champions for the future // we see through all the knots and avoid all the attractive whirlpools as one.

I play the kazoo and drink all the tea and eat all the almonds and stop at all the stop signs and pay all the taxes // despite all the critiques and the snark I am still a believer.

I play the kazoo for justice, fairness, equality, the children, the blacks, the women, my friends and family, and this dying planet // everything I’ve done and everything I do is for all of you.

I play the kazoo because I really want to play the kazoo because I’ve always played the kazoo and because I will continue to play the kazoo because I am the player of the kazoo.