Home Is Where The Airplanes Land
The corner I am painted into is
the corner I have chosen to paint myself into
The Loneliness and isolation and the repossession of
physical cognitive and emotional space takes skill
talent and unquantifiable focused labor

I cannot tell (or decide) if it is
The Loneliness that propels me toward
thresholds of success or if it is
The Loneliness that prevents me from
finally attaining all the world’s treasures

I am however probably not The Ideal Person nor
The Ideal Vessel to possess such poignant knowledge
The intimacy and the proximity disguises and distorts
both the desire for and the rejection of
any and all forms of adulation

Firstly and foremostly relevance and allegiance
to self and soul is the ultimate reflection to
glare back from our darkest funhouse mirrors
The entirety of human output past and future is
the priceless and devoid artifacts of The Loneliness