Everything Is Random
This was supposed to be the career-making breakout year
but the hurdles multiplied and the rebels revolted

They said ‘do what you know’ but that turned out to be
so tired, boring, and mostly just already done already

Being comfortable in my very own skin is
most likely much more work than ever it was leisure

Loyalty is all I ever had to offer but
I did not make the rules, oh wait, I did make all of the rules

Nothing can ever go back to the way it was
Time is a runaway non-stop flight on a one-way street forward

Like vague figures in the fog or doppler-shifted subwoofer are
desire, moral order, and the certainty of any future

We create(d) the literal under the figurative as an improper fraction
The shapes and the sounds are all wholly manufactured

The world has been ‘going to hell’ since hell was invented such that
all potential and possibility and ideals are temporary and replaceable

Unless we cut to chases and shear the protective layers
science and magic and hope and faith are all the same prison