This Is My Life
When I close my eyes to imagine what my life looks like
the one image that consistently summarizes it all
is that of a frame-filling closeup of a cat face
Not a Big Cat like the giant ill-advised panther tattoo
on my age’s-ago woman friend’s shoulder blade
but of a domestic feline like my dear pal, Max

Different than Max though in many ways
The face of the cat that most represents
all that is my existence is unique and consistent
And I do admit that that ill-advised panther tattoo
which was someone else’s representation of my being
Was (or still is) totally bad ass

I can close my eyes right now and see that cat face
my life summary image looking at me at all times
following me around like the moon everywhere
It brings me comfort and consistency
and reminds me that all the tinkering and toil
always falls under the same furry purring umbrella