The Newness (this sustains me)
Finding New Ways To Get Myself There

In the clear cold light of today
under a cloudless sky somewhere between
Pantone Ethereal Blue (15-4323 TPX) and
Pantone Bonnie Blue (16-4134 TCX)
Forever called “a nine-eleven sky”

A Discovery

A “crossroads” is when life provides a choice
your ophthalmologist asking
“is one better - or two - one - or two”
Options individually separate and distinct
Take the elevator or the stairs

Paper or plastic

A “turning point” by comparison posits
whether an action is taken
or not taken at all
An event to happen or not even considered
like a long walk down a short plank

Should I stay or should I go now?

Abandoning the world of bits & bytes
for the world of the real since we all know
non-fiction is usually stranger than fiction
So goodbye to this poem that will never exist
in the clear cold light of the day

A human sits before me for conversation