Burning House

Under the subject line, "Assignment," LilyDC sent me a clicky for this site called The Burning House. The premise is simple; take a photo of the stuff you'd grab if you discovered your house in flames.

One of the best things about LilyDC's email was the phrase, "And if you hate this idea, please do not rant and rave about hating it." I guess if I dislike something, I'm not shy about how I express myself (like with that suction cup thing she sent).

The Burning House is a good site. Simple. Elegant. Mildly thought provoking. Thanks LilyDC.

I don't know if my submission would be within the bounds of the paradigm, but here's how I'd do it:

Name: Ty
Age: 45
Location: Washington, DC
Occupation: Artist
List: My pack is always packed with everything I always need and I can keep producing.

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