This Has Got To Stop

So my whole family was busy working at the kitchen table at around 4:00 p.m. today when an elderly couple with a stroller walked by and crossed the street--normal afternoon stuff in the land of Kent. It's a walking kind of community.

I watched the man push the stroller forward to the woman and then he stepped behind a bush in plain view of our bay window and he started urinating.  Grandpa was pissing on my block. I could see him.

I bolted for the door and shouted a "strongly worded rebuke" of his actions from my porch.  I started at my porch but continued to censure the gentleman up the block. Old busted men can really push a stroller quickly too.

Then I took his photo for good measure (sorry for the quality of the image, I told you I'm not a photographer). When you piss in the street you give up a reasonable expectation of privacy. Anybody know this dude?

Okay, so maybe pissing in public is normal in some places.  In fact, I'm certain it is. But not here. Not with all kinds of people walking their kids and dogs on my block. The good news is I believe that grandpa knows this now. I informed him. Clearly. Loudly. Effectively.

And I may be wrong, but I have the feeling that Grandpa Public Piss is related to Plastic Dogshit Dude. Sometimes I just know these things. Somebody please let me know.

Mopes all around. Pants on the ground. Rent to high. Piss in your eye.

Leave your weak game at home, old man.