Racist Thursday Chat with "Lucy" (who only had two hours of sleep) - UPDATE

me:  daft punk?

Lucy:  moi?

me:  phoenix @ MSG + daft punk

Lucy:  oh my gosh, i don't know what that means.  maybe i'm just daft!

me:  didn't you go to the show?

Lucy:  yes!  it was AMAZING!!!!!

me:  MSG?

Lucy:  oh my gosh, i am on very little sleep, and now know what you mean.  YES.

me:  did two dudes in space costumes play once it got dark?
do you know who that is?

Lucy:  YESSSSSSS!!!! it was so freakin' cool.

me:  that is Daft Punk.
you are retarded

Lucy:  no, all the elements of a successful show:  aliens, close encounters of the 3rd kind, thomas crowd surfed, one song was in french, sophia coppola, and it was in NYC.

me:  i know all of this.
but Daft Punk played.  Jesus.

Lucy:  No, it was Wavvve nd
let me think,
Dirty Projectors.

me:  the two guys in the spacesuits and helmets

Lucy:  oh gosh, i didn't know that.
i loved them.

me:  JESUS!

Lucy:  i wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home with me.

me:  it was a frenchy thing

Lucy:  listen i got home at 4a.m.  a little kindness please.

me:  they did Harder Better Faster Stronger
"wow, Ty, how did you know what happened at the show I went to last night?"

Lucy:  yes.  which was super (imagine that in a french accent).

Lucy:  i took some photos but they SUCK!

Phoenix -Daft Punk, If I Ever Feel Better, Madison Square Garden, NYC 10/20/10

Lucy:  that is the "funny thing" everyone with iphone/blackberry (weak)


Lucy:  i know.  i tried to capture that in a photo but failed miserably since i didn't turn off the GD flash.
let's go shooting together soon.

me:  yes!

Lucy:  i'm away this weekend, but how about next?

me:  dude.  30th is Sanity/Fear rally.  meet me there.

Lucy:  can you pencil me in?  well, first i'll have to check if sophia will be in town.  we're besties now!

me:  who's sophia?

Lucy:  coppola, of course.

me:  'tard

Lucy:  hahahahahaha.
oh my gosh, i love watching the aliens again.

me:  haha
they are not aliens, that's daft punk.
you drive me crazy

Lucy:  it was col how they did the encounters of the third kind happen with their guitars.
they ARE aliens!

me:  no, they are French

Lucy:  ok, so, they might be illegal aliens

me:  nice

Lucy:  just in time for racist thursday.
by the way, i loved "casa cracker"

me:  right?

Lucy:  by the way, my friend dini had dinner with phoenix in indonesia.

me:  so
i had dinner with my cat

Lucy:  that's pretty cool.

me:  in gaithersburg

Lucy:  shut up.

me:  can't talk when i'm yawning

Lucy:  her brother just became the ambassador to the US.  the house is SICK!

me:  they should fumigate then

Lucy:  shut your mouth when you're talking to me!  (what movie?)

me:  dunno, wedding crashers or something dumb like that

Lucy:  oh my lordie, why are you wearing your cranky pants on racist thursday?

me:  i'm wearing my racialist pantaloons today

Lucy:  now you're talking.  who doesn't love the word pantaloon?

me:  seersucker pantaloons

Lucy:  shall i call you little lord fauntelroy?

me:  you shall

Lucy:  why can't we have snobby wednesdays? or pretentious tuesdays?

me:  we can have anything we want.  this is AMERICA (not NPR)

Lucy:  oh my gosh, i just heard about juan williams.  that is a F'ing crime.

me:  all he did was tell the tr00f
even muslims are scared when muslims get on a plane
fact is fact
racist NPR

Lucy:  truth is true.
i would challenge them to find anyone that was offended by that comment.

me:  just white, guilt-liberal do-gooder NPR listeners

Lucy:  I HEART npr, but this is a big disappointment.
why take something out of context?

me:  [in Ty's mind, "of course she does"]

Lucy:  i am going to cut you!
uh huh, it's racial thursday.

me:  can i post this part of the chat and change your name to "Lucy"

Lucy:  i'm fashioning a shiv, a puerto rican shiv
what part?

me:  damn 'Ricans (second time i've typed that today) - the racialist stuff/NPR

Lucy:  there was a joke, i can't remember too well, but it went something like, the irish have the best sense of humour b/c they don't get upset over the shot that is called the car bomb. the chinese dry cleaner and the 'rican broken english would never go over too well.

me:  "You are worthress, Arec Barrwin!"

Lucy:  hahahahahhhahahahahahha
i do love racist thursdays.
how about the lazy mexican shot?

me:  Sean came up with the term

Lucy:  who is sean?

me:  great Brooklyn friend

Lucy:  oh cool!

me:  B- Boy

Lucy:  i love NY
i got that!
i'm sleepy not stupid.

me:  what's a NY?

Lucy:  shut up.
ok, where shall we shoot?

the sanity/fear thing

Lucy:  hahahaha
oh yes, sorry, maybe i am stupid.
that sounds GREAT.

me:  we'll talk when you're "better rested"

Lucy:  i've got a big night ahead too.. super good friends in town and i have to stay awake.

me:  guess i'm a lousy acquaintance; a "colleague."

Lucy:  nope, it's not lousy acquaintance monday. you're silly.

me:  racist

Lucy:  in solidarity with juan williams.

me:  even the Tea Baggers are defending Juan "not Hispanic" Williams

Lucy:  we should hang our heads in shame!  that's the most alarming thing i've ever heard.

me:  another Shirley Sherrod situation
[maybe not exactly]
never mind


Lucy:  it's SAD!  and disgusting! and stupid!

me:  NPR just created another unemployed black man
so much for white-liberal do-gooder guilt

Lucy:  i'm so eloquent

me:  "articulate"
oh, going to see Louis C.K. tomorrow

Lucy:  oh cool!  i like him.

me:  oh, you know him?

Lucy:  of course.  what do i live under a rock?
he had an HBO (?) show? or something.  he's also on howard stern every once in a while.

me:  yes. great TeeVee show.  never heard a Howard Stern.

Lucy:  i love howard.

me:  you know him?

Lucy:  yes.  sophia and i hang out with him all the time.

me:  she's swell

Lucy:  oh, how about delusional fridays?

me:  terry schiavo's on friday
salad days

Lucy:  hmmm..delusional mondays.

me:  Mondays are TGIM!

Lucy:  gosh, i guess it will have to be delusional weekends.

me:  wide open

Lucy:  oh, are ou working on the faux wigs?

me:  yes!
sketches on paper.

Lucy:  cool!
oh, have to run.  have a great weekend!!!!!!

me:  OK [was just thinking how to end this]

Lucy:  i will cut!