On Creation

Let's call these characters, "Twich" and "Listine":

Since we're in the middle of this thing, I thought I'd share a thought on creation/creativity.

"Listine" told me she liked a line in Rain on a Flood. "I hope the levees hold you tight."

I asked why and she explained. Made me seem real enlightened.

She asked what the backwards line during the dobro bridge was.

I told her.

She said, "Were you imagining yourself in..."

I said, "No."

She said, "Then what does it mean?"

I said, "It doesn't mean anything. When something comes to you, sometimes you just roll with it."

She said, "No. With you, you ALWAYS just roll with it."

I said, "Never question messages from your unconscious self.

[Back to me] Yes, these are some the pathways to creativity:

  • Wait for the omens.
  • Don't force yourself onto projects (as you wouldn't want them to force themselves onto you).
  • "Never question messages from your unconscious self."
  • Hold the demons close.
  • It doesn't have to mean anything.
  • Do it because it feels right regardless of how it sounds/looks.
  • It looks/sounds like art because it is.
  • Do not see permission.
  • Eyes/ears don't lie.
  • Most people won't get it.