Ask Ty...March 1 (#2)

Q: Is it true you are really Cool "Disco" Dan?

Just wondering,


Ty: Good question and an even better observation. Firstly, it is dangerous (Dangerous Dave) to ever admit that you are the perpetrator of illegal activities. Graffiti is illegal in most jurisdictions including the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

Secondly, I ain't yet a tagger. Just so you know, I've considered it. And, sure I have distributed a "Bush = Lies" sticker or two. I ain't admitting to having anything to do with that sticker either. But, shit, doesn't it just sum up everything:
"Bush = Lies"
By the way, if you ever want to write that phrase, "Bush = Lies" anywhere, feel free. It's not like I'm gonna sue your or anything...especially since, er, I have absolutely nothing to do with that sticker.

Here's what Wiki sez about Cool "Disco" Dan:
It is the work of an individual from the Washington, DC area who has been spraying his tag since 1984. Part of the Go-Go scene of the 80's in Washington; he managed to avoid being jailed or killed unlike a lot of his contemporaries by devoting himself to graffiti rather than becoming involved with drugs or gangs. He is featured in the book "Free Agents, a history of Washington, DC graffiti" and has a page on "Art Crimes" as a featured artist.
I ain't Cool "Disco" Dan. But, his tag is legend.

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I'm flattered, but you gots the wrong dude.

Just a guess. - Ty