On the Cusp of Another Nostalgic Autumn



in the art school of hard knocks course 101

there are historic distinctions that weed for authenticity


it seems as if everyone has discovered and dipped a pinkie toe 

into an interpretation of what they believe art is for not or better

but without the requisite suffering context experience or pain

there are no shortcuts in fact there are no destinations or reasons

just because one can afford to purchase a camera or use an app

does not an artist make -- on the contrary

if your work cannot be proofed with blood* -- unless it subtracts 

from your end days -- don't count me as interested or impressed

it is as ok to frighten others as it is to terrify yourself

i've seen probably way too much for myself and others so

it is illuminating when exactly half of the seven rules of influence

are completely not just ignored but totally violated on purpose


with nothing left to prove or demonstrate anymore

one can simply stop caring and simply produce in purity



*or the standard bodily fluids like tears, sweat, or saliva