Situations are Infinite


That may have been the very last warning

The more it takes the more I want to take until I take it all

A lot going on - one makes particular choices to suit situation and desire

But it’s not even that I know what it is I desire

And situations are infinite

I'm uncertain when it started but we’ll have a really good idea when it ends

So frightened of losing the whole hand but that’s the risk when we go all in

We just have to keep a poker face and power forward despite

Born alone
Live alone
Die alone

There are no real goals and there never really were

It is almost like I am at my best when I am dead inside

And–more often than not–there is where I live

It is the basis of my being perhaps

But it makes the highs so much higher

An exploration of rabbit holes and storm drains resulting

There is a certain lightness within a darkness––the weight removed

Performative and societal pseuicide–Ars Moriendi my friends