I Simply Cannot Compete (with your smartphones)

As in a dream-state dreamscape
I cannot seem to remember which station it was
    where I got off the train
        or where I was going or why I got off
Yet here I wander in a strange but familiar place

Alone and fully exposed
Wearing vulnerability as awkwardly as an ill fitting suit
    because the brain chemistry changes
        during the course of a marathon
Our desires are the motivational properties of addiction

I will always be one of one and never will I be one of many
Waxing and waning philosophies since inception
    What more can we give • What more can we be
        Still learning • Still building
You can lead a horse to mirrors but you cannot make it reflect

What I want is exactly what I need as desires decussate necessity
    (at the seventieth percentile mark of this life)
All constructs have fallen afoul and are helplessly farcical now
It no longer matters if the trains run on time
    if there is no longer an intention to get back on