Field Mowing Day Friday
Start again / and stay the same
Mow your fields / it’s not a game
Slide the slide / until the end
Check your text / before you send

Before you know / go check the attic
Clean the records / remove the static
Then we’re back / to building towns
To find your life / call in the hounds

We'll burn it down / down to the dirt
Be careful whom / the ones you hurt
We’ll start anew / we’ll feel the hills
We’ll be the priests / the shrinks the pills

Is it the end / is it the start
Am I the horse / am I the cart
Do your best / to make them smile
You'll be the leader / for a while

Ask the whys / retort with so
Wins are fun / you never know
You get one chance / to make it work
Be a pro / don’t be a jerk