Ask Ty...October 22 [The Captain America Question]

Q: Dear Ty,
I recently noticed that the SNL skit with [sic] Garret Morris singing about killing all the whiteys he sees:

...sounds a lot like the original Captain America theme song:

I don't think I can look at Captain America the same way again.  What can I do to overcome this so I can once again enjoy watching Captain America fight evil?

–Disgruntled Avengers Fan

Ty: Hi. I know, it's been more than a year. But I maintain busy times.

Anyway, good question and an even better observation, DAF. Egads! You're right. There is enough of a melodic similarity between the Captain America cartoon theme and Garrett Morris' Saturday Night Live skit where he sings, Gonna Get Me a Shotgun, to make this appear to be more than a coincidence.

That SNL skit was aired on January 24, 1976. Captain America cartoon? 1966. Interesting. The sixes.

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield."

"I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys I see."

There is so much that can be said about this, but you asked a specific question. DAF, you want to know what can you do to overcome this melodic similarity so you can again enjoy watching Captain America fight evil. I guess you don't equate shotgun murdering white Americans with the good captain throwing his mighty shield around. You know, where, "All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield."

That's some serious hard core vigilante-dictator-USA-might-is-right Americanism there. The same sort of hard core vigilante-dictator-USA-might-is-right Americanism that brought us slavery, segregation, economic oppression, stop and frisk, and stand your ground. And not to mention the whole death penalty yes/abortion no, no means yes frat boy "there will never be a nigger at SAE" nonsense.

Sure, Garrett Morris and the SNL writers were trying to shock 1976 America into thinking along with some laughing, but there was thinking involved. Cerebral comedy. The Captain America stuff? Cartoonish propaganda (where the good captain is throwing his American might at these shadowy figures...).

Now I do not ever advocate shotgun murder of anyone. Never. I'm a peaceful guy. But I also don't advocate the murder of unarmed blacks by police and frightened gun fanatics. Throwing a shield at evil black shadows? Yeah, that's cool. For a cartoon.

What can you do to enjoy your cartoons again, DAF? Just enjoy your old cartoon with the knowledge that they're cartoons. It's not real. It's a TeeVee show that kind of shapes young minds into thinking America equals good and white America equals great. Have some cereal too. But, whenever you watch your cartoon, also think of slavery and oppression. Think of these folks too: [clicky]

People in 1976 totally got the humor of Garrett Morris' SNL song. Forty years later, not so much.

Just a guess.