One Degree Exponentially

Major differences often manifest themselves in subtle ways. Nuances. Adjustments. Shifts in personal preferences. Acknowledgements of past wrongs. A recognition of philosophical evolution.

Once lessons are internalized, corrected courses provide great satisfaction, longevity, and durability.

One degree, exponentially. Professionalism moderating fears. Dying defying death. These are our Sisyphean stacking blocks that we sometimes kick over like petulant toddlers when others refuse to topple them for us.

We create our own drama. We shape our own destiny. We are are our own art history.

Crutches, gods, parents, mentors, and safety helmets eventually become unnecessary as we decide to be what we have always needed to be without all the pretension or cribbed voices. How we shape ourselves is balanced between formulaic-capitalistic lifestyle pitches and the crazy voices inside our own heads.

To live just one additional day with an executable concept is worth all the poison ingested.