Summertime Ninja

Dear middlespace cadets and all friends of middlespace,

I know a lot of you love giving gifts. I do to. But just so you know, The Rickey R-Word has just called game on your gift-giving skills. Game just got upped again.

Today's installment of "At My Doorstep," is the five LP "Heady Nuggs" box set. It's the Flaming Lips first five Warner records. In colored vinyl. With liner art and lyrics.

And, yes, I do own all of these on CD and mp3, but...this is the real. Happiness is warm vinyl.*

So, if you're thinking of what to gift me, this might stand as the new benchmark.

Your pal,

*When I die, Rickey gets all the vinyl and the turntable. This is a binding contract.