Ask Ty...March 2 [The Big Show]

It must be Tuesday Wednesday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,

It is the day of your funeral.

Friends and family gather around to watch a photo slideshow of your life.

If you could choose only one song for the background music what would it be?


Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Grayman. Funeral music, huh? Do you know something I don't? Am I dying? Oh yeah, we're all dying! [rimshot]

Shit, Grayman, not only do I have to decide when it's time to pull my own plug (because I refuse to be a feeble, warehoused, toothless, sack of skin waiting to die while some underpaid "nurses" abuse me and lie to my kids about my care), but I have to plan a dang slide show and coordinate the music too? I thought living was work (flossing and eating salads and ignoring people), but dying is like real work. I don't even get paid for the labor.

But I already have this shit all prepared, Grayman!

[Clicky the big show image for the big show music]

Music: Judge Brennan 1, 2003

Music: Judge Brennan 2, 2003

Give everyone headphones too. Better yet, people can stream this "slide show" whilst listening to the "music" I so carefully prepared and have a "virtual" funeral; and people can comment here [clicky].

And, no, I'm not dying anytime soon.

Just a guess.