Ask Ty...March 10 [Boobs!]

It must be Tuesday Thursday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,

You may be aware that some men, when speaking with a woman, tend to look down at the woman's breasts and then back up to her face/eyes, sometimes doing this multiple times during a single--even brief--exchange.  Do you think that they are aware that they are doing this? Do you think that it is involuntary? Do you think that they think we don't notice...or that we do, and that we take the intermittent gaze-dropping as a compliment?


- 34C But Still Worth A Listen

Ty: Huh? Were you saying something? Just kiddink! I make joke, like Russians. We make party pretty ting.

Good question and an even better observation, 34C. And your "good question" today is actually a bonus of several embedded "good questions," but before I break this down into manageable components, let me first make a correction to your "even better observation."

You wrote "...some men, when speaking to a woman, tend to look down at the woman's breasts..." You are completely incorrect here that I must interject. The actual and real (socialist/liberal) science fact is that ALL men look at woman's breasts whenever they can. Some just don't get caught as often. Correction complete.

Significantly all men look at breasts. It's a normal behavior. As normal as...sunlight glistening on the moist, supple mounds of...uh, apples. As normal as apples.

Now to the questions, 34C [and so I know what I'm talking about/dealing with, let me go to the Googles and look up "34C" so we all know what we're working with]:
1) Do you think that [men] are aware that they are doing this?
Yes and no. I believe that men do sometimes catch themselves engaging in this seemingly unseemly behavior. But then it comes down to self-control issues. Some men lack discipline and social grace. There's your difference; classy, fit gentlemen are discreet. Dirty, creepy pigs ogle. There are many, many men (and women) who lack a certain facility over their self-monitoring centers.
2) Do you think that [this behavior] is involuntary?
Here's where our discussion goes off the rails because I'm going to say that it's evolutionary and the creationism goon squad will drag me away to Pentecostal (snakes in a van!) re-education camp before sunrise.
But because of Satan's socialist ape-evolution, male brains are hard-wired to seek and sort potential mating partners (as are women, but this isn't about women). One of the selection criteria for males is breasts. It's a shortcut to assess breeding age maturation. Problem is, as our brains sophisticated, reflexive processing perverted, or diminished. So many men now equate bigger with somehow being more desirable when the reflex only existed to notice if the apple was ripe: why clearly augmented breasts appeal to some men.
Men subconsciously judge a whole list of criteria (as do women) in potential partner picking, but breasts are easy. They're just out front that way. Conversely, some literature suggests that the quik-n-ez key to women's selection/sorting of male suitors is the buttocks.
I could go into the whole "Ass Man" thing too--because socialist science smugly explains that too--but, I ain't got time for that now.
3) Do you think that they think we don't notice...or that we do, and that we take the intermittent gaze-dropping as a compliment?
Well, again, it's the self-control matter. I would guess that most men of a certain intelligence threshold understand that women notice this. On a scale-of-caring whether women notice, some men don't register. I think the "it's a compliment" line is defensive excusing; all blaming the victim because she wore that top nonsense. Have some class, fellas!
Anyway, were you talking? I was looking at this 34C here: [clicky]

Just a guess.