Holiday Cocktail

There is a particular feeling--or "buzz" in the parlance of the kids--one gets when you mix the following ingredients:
7-hours of professional-level driving
Needless to say, I was totally "on" at the urgent care center* up here. I now understand how our country's greatest comedians lived so fast but so short. You bust a funny, you move on, you crack a wise, you spin. Float like a butterfly you know the rest, bees.

Also I realize how refreshing it is to be in a place where everyone speaks understandable English and are nice (treating patients as customers). Crackers, coffee (oh and add caffeine to that list above), water, and juice were offered.

You think you sleep well after turkey and glass of red wine?  I laugh at you.  I laugh to your face, suckah!  I slept like a cat in the sun at 2:00 in the afternoon in May when everyone else is at work or school. Best was my dear colleague, a recovered substance abuser, calling me The Amateur and Rookie all night. That is funny shit.

Oh, and sorry, Cadets, before you get all typey with hysteria, please note the following:
"The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered entities and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information."
Like birth-divorce Steve Nash, the rapey Ben Roethlisberger, the batshit nutty Jackson Family, and the entire Baldwin/Sheen clan, I ask that you to kindly respect my privacy.

But since I am not going to tell you all "what happened?" you can write the story yourselves based on the information provided.

Thanx, have a great summer, it was rad having you in math class, you're a cutie, see you next year!

-The Julius
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