So Here I Am

Boston University has just opened a new DC campus of their Center for Digital Arts (this is great - clicky - I absolutely feel that all the images on this page totally bite and the student work isn't necessarily appealing).

They offer a program called, "Professional Photography Certificate." Humm.... I'm in their system now and will visit for a chat next Thursday.

It's a full-time, nine month program, 19 modules from Photographic Seeing to Portraiture II. It actually looks like a decent program.

But, what do I get out of it (and the $21,000)? Am I then a certified professional photographer? Do I put that on my card? Can I then open a business, or, more specifically a practice? I'd actually like to do that, but $21,000?

I would like to learn some stuff...but here's my question for you: Does this help me?