Ask Ty...July 12

Q: What's the deal with the drums?

- Rich

Ty: Good question and an even better observation. Yeah, drums. Historic and forever. The first instrument and such. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drums. Drums...yawn. I've played drums since 7th grade (1977 - that's thirty years!).

So, let's pose this question: how 'bout the guitar though?!

"Hey, listen to this guitar!"

Try that on the drums. Plus you pretty much have to wear shoes to play the drums. Socks are too slippery for the pedals. Also, that's not a very loud guitar (it's not plugged into anything). But, that's the beauty of the guitar. You can rock out (with your cock out) any time you want. "Air guitar" is a billion dollar industry. Who plays "air drums"?

Just a guess. - Ty