Musings on an Album - Trilogies

So what's the deal with the album?

Since Tuesday, I haven't really fiddled too much. Gotta let it breathe, you know. But, there is a deal.
The Record's Last LP Album (nonsensical draft title already replaced by nonsensical real title) is indeed the third and final movement of a particular trilogy:
take the branches off the trees
The Modicum of Decorum
Free Milk Seminar [in progress]*
* See Sounds for reference tracks

Trilogies... It's just a thing that I do. Others do it too. It's a matter of fitting all the loose ends and assorted pieces into space that makes sense rather than producing retardedly long records. In fact, I'm struggling to trim at least seven minutes off the current. Minutes! Seven! I guess all the loose ends and assorted pieces aren't fitting.

As far as this trilogy is concerned, this is the logical end piece. [see clicky]. Transition time. May or may not be last solo project. There is, however, the final album from the
tKoL Tripgrass Trilogy to complete. But, no hurry there. The tKoL Tripgrass Trilogy is comprised of, to date:
This is the New America
One Fine Ride
[to be released]**
** See Sounds for reference tracks

Rich may finish his
California Trilogy after the special project under construction at current (a humble cross-continent collaboration). The California Trilogy is comprised, to date, of:
cosa angeles
the floods of lexington pacheco
[to be released]***
*** See Otterfarm for reference tracks

So, yeah, post-production (or "post" in the biz ("biz" is lingo for "the business")) on the new album. Ah, post-production...sounds like it's almost done, right? Not close. Post can often take as much or more effort than principal recording. Oh, and art....

But, I have time. I mean Axl Rose's Chinese Democracy has taken forever. So, whatever.