I love that the former planet, Pluto, has been downgraded to designation #134340 -- minor planet status. Nothing personal against Pluto, bro. Just makes me feel alive and historic and shit. Yeah, I was alive when Eris was discovered, named, renamed and stepped up to substitute for Pluto. Xena was a weak name anyhow. Too current, to dumb.

Eris (or discord/strife) has power.

It's like if a rat knocked on your front door and said, "Yo, I'm the new man of the house. You are now a rat. Quit buggin' and get the fuck out." Then the rat, opens your fridge, cracks a cold one, and puts his little black feet on your ottoman and farts while clickin' the remote looking for 'the game.' You then scurry out from the light of the front porch and eat garbage. You resent the other rats. They mock you.

Alive, I tell ya'!