New Year Resolutions by the Dozen

Oh no. Not resolutions. Sucks as much as "top 10 songs" or "ten biggest news stories of 2005." Like who gives a fuck? OK, to play along, here are my resolutions (post two tequila-heavy "margaritas") for Two-thousand and Six, kids:

1) Believe it or not, I resolve to be [get this] more of myself than ever. Become a brand and not for wussy TV carpenters or stuffed animals. Like I said, what brought me here keeps me here. BSUR. Will.

2) I resolve to ride bigger, scarier rollercosters. Sure, I may puke now-a-days, but let's ride 'em, Jimi. WTF?

3) Fuck! Love!

5) Get a number 4.

6) How about less contempt?

7) Oh yeah, "unbuilding"

8) Welcome to the apex -OR- this just means that there's further to go.

9) Favre Barge (r)

10) Push the "motherfucker" button.

11) Tap the adaptive unconscious, better utilize rapid cognition; rely on it, shit!

12) You honor the dead by the way you choose to live your life after they're gone.