In Dreams

There are perfectly good dreams. Bad ones too. There are great dreams and nightmares. Night terrors are extremely awful. Most dreams are not memorable in the least.

But, every once in a great while, conditions are right for astounding dreams. Dreams so amazingly wonderful, so perfect that waking is akin to dying. The story arcs so perfect, one couldn't even imagine the genius mind or tender thoughtfulness of the human who could conceive of such wonder (then somehow you realize it’s your mind).

The sights. The sounds. The smells. The lighting. Nuances and even the most minute details of things small and very far in the background are stunning. Ahh, but…

But, above all, the emotions are astonishing! Falling in love, fright or worry is extra-life-like – extraordinary! The feelings of love where the overarching sense of desire and connection; the well being and playful oneness are so complete so intertwined that there are never enough tears or welling.

Loss that feels so absolutely devastating in its desperate separation and finality.

Last night I had one of those dreams. Damn.