I really want to embrace the Washington Nationals. I've followed them through spring training and ten games into the season. Sure, I hate the damn, that everyone is so nutty about them for some faddish reason or another. Sure, my team is LA. The motherfucking Dodgers, right? But, I haven't lived in L.A. for 20 years. I've lived equal my life away from L.A. So, I can pick another team. And, right here in my lap falls a team. A National League baseball team. I had to outlay nothing. No cash, no blood, no sweat.

They look like a baseball team. They even have a couple of known quantity ballplayers. The Nationals!

But, as I sit here watching the Washington Nationals and the Arizona Diamondbacks...I find my attention waning. Diamondbacks v. Nationals. Seriously. I mean, they look like a baseball team. They're playing on a diamond of major league porportions and quality.

If I have to hear "baseball is back" or see one more mope in a "W" hat...

I dunno about this...Go Dodgers?