Bridging the divide between the connected and the disconnected

Competing paradigms of connections confusing community and convenience

Deciding the destiny of the strong and determining what defines the weak

The automation of everything from assistance to replacement

The confusion of desire and necessity create the shapes of things to come

That wasn't supposed to happen an evolution is accidental and organic

The dream of the squirrels
Seems the most frightening one
At least three loose in my home

One dead by cat
One dead by me
One still running about

A desperate search for gloves
Subtle but specific detail variation
The long shot attempt to self wake

Tim Yung Ill


Ganmade Mod - Live (08.19.17)

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Eric * Rich * Ty 


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Self-Portrait Autobiography 2017.

Banking on Cycles
During the night, there is a shift from a cicada dominant sound to a rain dominant sound that is never perceived while sleeping. I am certain the actual changeover moments are magical.

The day after a flu shot when I am just a little off and I realize that I have a baby flu. The delights of a bonus but lightweight infection should never be under appreciated. Die life, bless.

By staying a pretty close variant of the very same thing since forever I am banking on the cycles. I have always teetered a fine line between perceived perfection and obsolescence.

The life cycle slide in macro dwarfs in magnitude the annual slide of micro. I have made my peace and I have explained my plans and I have done all of my work. Live death, bless.


Late Summer Does Not Sleep Either


Unnerving quiet
Still spacious
Accept cycles
Everything ends
Nothing begins


Sometimes in a grocery store parking lot
An old white woman you have never met
Will offer you a quarter of a watermelon
And it is so much more progressively friendly
Than it is in any way a racial thing


To get from there to here
Sometimes you have to go through
Very long & very strange tunnels
You may not be where you were going
But somewhere is better than nowhere


Oh My God Eight One
How a person spends their time
The depth of the love someone has
Things done for reasons
This life is a complete surprise
The depth of the disappointment someone has
Degrees of luck manipulation and magic


Art of the hustle
working overtime making
entire production seem
just the easiest thing

Not every move planned
historic improv chops
make every move
appear to be planned

In the end it
doesn’t really matter
because entire production
is just so easy


The Truth and the Lie
The compulsions drive me crazy
The perversions keep me sane
The sea and the pea
The coal and the tea

The question of existence
The presumption of the real
The tee and the why
The dirt and the sky

The morals of our nature
The better of the best
The pea and the sea
The coal and the tea
The matters of the present
The past and the future
The tee and the why
The truth and the lie

Self-Titled [Untitled]


The Cheese Stands Alone
Time comes when you just have to make a decision about who and what you are. Or are someday going to be.

You do not have to adhere to this decision forever. Just figure out the here and the now. For now. For here.

It is as much deciding the particulars as it is the cessation of all the excuses. Shedding the costumes.

Relief is that you need not have to pretend anymore. The act and you are finally one. The cheese stands alone.

For as difficult as this task could be, the certainty of the other side is well the wait worth. Investments paid.




On the 20th Anniversary of This Is The New America

On the 20th Anniversary of This Is The New America

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this gem is the timelessness of it all. Not only does it hold up after twenty years, but one never has a thought of when it may have been constructed. Perhaps this is because of the lack of electronic instrumentation, stylistic trends of 1997, computers, or perhaps it is because this is simply an album not attempting to accomplish anything beyond living within what it is and was meant to be. That exact answer will probably always be only known to Rich and Ty, the Kings of Leisure.

While it would be quite easy to write this off as some form of folk music, I would argue that, while it may have roots in Americana, it is very much its own voice. Then I would call you an idiot in my head and not want to speak to you any longer. This is the secret world of two best friends opening up their clubhouse, allowing you to peek inside. You won’t understand all the inside jokes, but you’ll feel the open-hearted sincerity like a warm hug. They gladly wave their freak-flag, which in today’s world means so much (because when people say they’re ‘being a freak’ now they really are just posturing, and these guys are just being their own weird selves). And it’s refreshing to hear Rich belting out real, heartfelt emotions (another thing that’s rare nowadays).

But don’t get too comfortable because hippies they are not, as noted in my favorite cut Vota Asi when Rich sings:
Well I’m a peace lovin’ man
but you made the wrong woman cry...

so you think you can just
walk in walk out
snakes in the house
snakes in the grass
and you thought I was joking
when I said I’d kick your ass

you’re a bad motherfucker
but you’re a long long way from home...
The album has its light-hearted moments as well. On Talkin’ ‘bout Oysters, we get to drink cocoa and eat rice and wax world domination with some weirdos in a shotgun shack. But don’t bring milk. Later, in Oceans they take us on a bizarre mental journey that makes one feel at times how one does when the current slams a body into the ocean floor, leaving one confused and lost. This leads back to the heartfelt I’m Coming Home, which leaves a feeling of anticipation and the type of repose one has been traveling all week to attain.

I like to differentiate albums by whether or not they take you on a journey or are simply a pile of songs; this is absolutely the former. From the beginning of Across the Bow to the end of Insult-To-Injury this album takes you for a fun ride through the Kingdom of Leisure. It has aged perfectly, and the world needs this feeling now even more than it did when it was released. 

Evan Enge, 2017

'Merica 2017.

June 19, 2017