These Are The Questions About Who We Are (9.5.19, previously "unpublished", unedited)

Fine OK Fine
is how I answered
and that very well may become
the standard answer
from here on out
to the question
How are you?

Where are the connections?

To people (to mystery)
To concepts (to adventure)
To reason (to the species)
To conversation (to the planet)
To stories (to separation)
To intimacy (to the written word)

The sad part is we are the
very people who should
know better
the exact demographic

We have a context
We have the education
We have the foresight

We lived before
We lived during
We lived after

We do know better
but we have grown lazy and mindless
maybe more than the kids
who were born into it
when we had to build it

How sad to see them get it all wrong

Mothers and fathers
Roles and reversals
Sons and daughters
Real and pretend

Reparations for
The Atlantic Slave Trade Business
will never happen

Secondhand smoke
in the eyes of the beholder
is neither friend nor foe