✝he $in 'Zin€ @ 10 meMento sTyle

I stumbled across my very own ✝he $in 'Zin€ by chance the other day

[Zine is short for magazine]

The focus is on each of the seven deadly sins, sin zine, The Sin Zine

✝he $in 'Zin€


It was a collaborative piece that reads as an homage to zines

I guess I wanted to make something referencing work that influenced me

I mentioned that I had found this project and now I'm asked questions about it

It's an inexplicable project even for me and that's a weird thing to say

The stylized script, "✝he $in 'Zin€," renders it unsearchable 

[Of course]

It does not appear on this blog and relevant searches turn up little

I first searched "sin zine" and got nothing at all


I also got nothing for "zine" or "✝he $in 'Zin€" and far too much for "sin"

But this product would have paired "sin" and "zine"

The stylized script, "✝he $in 'Zin€," renders it unsearchable

This was a dead end

So I went to the email archives

I actually thought I would find something

I  got nothing for "the sin zine" or "✝he $in 'Zin€" and far too much for "sin"

But I found a little breadcrumb treat when I searched "zine"


"Zine" returned five results: two ads, two others, and a emailing from me to me

[Of course]

So I opened the mail from me to me and found t ahis grenade:

🚨Future Gift alert🚨   🚨Future Gift alert🚨   🚨Future Gift alert🚨  

I sent myself a comic

[Of course]

Achewood of course and this comic of course:

This one: [clicky]

This one:


We thought 2007 was strange but we knew absolutely nothing 

That is pretty funny

[Reagan and both Bushes wore tan suits]

Nothing is really that funny anymore

Funny, strange? Sure

Funny, funny? Not really


A classic diversion by a classic diversionist

But we were trying to find out about ✝he $in 'Zin€


There was a reason I was searching archives for ✝he $in 'Zin€

Because I remember very little about why or how ✝he $in 'Zin€ happened

I see it was quite intentional

[Of course]

And it was self-limiting which is pretty smart regardless of why

Pdfs so they can be downloaded and printed

[Download and print it is how it works]

It was wildly collaborative almost impressively so 

I guess I talked to people

I guess I convinced people

So how did that happen?

I don't remember

Why did it happen?

"I don't recall"

- Ronald Reagan

Clearly by hosting it on Tumblr I was segregating it or burying it

Or stashing it for safe keeping

This is like a treat in a paper bag: a Food Enrichment Exercise

I found no reference to this zine other than a tiny link on the blog

[Exhibit at right -------------------------------------------------- >]

In a stylized script--"✝he $in 'Zin€--that renders it unsearchable 

I found nothing in the email archives that go back that far

But that's the whole thing

Aside from the deliberate rabbit holing future gift special

Getting the art away from context

Stripping it away from context

Removing art from context

Maybe only when I cannot remember how or why something was made

Does it become a finished piece

"I'm a real boy!"


 This piece is a 10 years old

✝he $in 'Zin€