The End of This Year's Slide

I have really nothing to say about the end of this year’s slide

When explained all the rituals a friend lit up like the sun and declared

“So it’s a cult built on seasonal affect disorder” (exclamation point or mark I never know)

Yeah something like that but no nothing like that at all I didn’t clearly explain

Eating popped corn and drinking tea on this shortest of the short days

While not necessarily the easiest of slides it was genuinely eventful and fulfilling

With highs and lows and real confusion and true heartbreak and sincere joy

The goal may well be to someday achieve congruity – my own personal singularity

A place of peace and quiet without all the commerce and competition

Sadly I mistakenly envisioned this future to have become something other than this

There has definitely been a pivot from production to consumption and that frightens me

People and only people who you pick and choose and you hope chose and pick you

Are the final frontier of this era of "interconnectedness" that is as fake as "the devil"

In these tiny moments when I briefly surface from this lucid slumber

In the thin air between middlespaces and alone in thought and person

With slow motion scenes replayed on loo

The juries never take too long to return their verdicts

I have really nothing to say about the end of this year’s slide