Everybody is the American Genius

expectations and the loci of control
psychological warfare before it was popular

the blurring of the boundaries between
art and life organic and curated

it was illustrative when the only book to fall (was)
the ultimate discourse on cognitive dissonance

even when it feels so all out of control
remember that we built it like this on purpose

demands for respect are ultimately
cries for legitimacy

everything is temporary (until we declare it not)
nothing is permanent (except for the records)

for the first time in a very long time
the predictive powers feel inadequate and logy

everything is in beta really
forever editing and honing human history

to be honest the sad and mad phases have passed
only disappointment remains

there was time when broad and deep were goals
introspection need not be a public faire

we are given the great gifts of
opportunity to be truthful

but because psych ops none of this ever happened
fact is also a four-letter F-word