I Have An Idea
I Have An Idea

The “Trading Places” wager that
delivered America its second
mostly accidental president

Gerald Ford was obviously the first

There is a correlation between
ambition and hubris
I know them both as individuals and as a couple

All sorts of sports make people happy

I reply-all’d this to the board:
Not every one needs to see every thing
at every moment

People accept myself more than I do me

All the knowledge of history and time is
currently locked away and being ignored
in retirement communities

Crowd sourcing a new existence

While it all seems so crazy and chaotic
If you stand off to the side a little and at a few paces
You’ll see it pretty much all makes predictable sense

When was it exactly that I bought this whole act?

Take a very close look at my child photos
Do you see it? I do.
Time travel has always been a thing

I just want to live long enough for one person to say it

Someday I will stand in a dingy and pretentious
venue and read pieces like this to you
and you will swear you totally get it