Black History Month is a Whack Mystery Stunt
Human labor units
Bought and sold wholesale retail and at auction
Shipped in bulk at fifty percent perishability
Confused abused misused sans shoes
This…is the business of the American dream

These hearty black bodies are the tools of our trade
Black Skins Brown Skins Yellow Skins Red Skins
betrayed by their own over and over again
FTEs on spreadsheets weighing ROIs
The shareholders do have certain expectations

Means to ends and for the history of America
These United States “free” and “emancipated”
The goals have and always will be all about
the eventual amassing of insane quantities
of addictive and protected wealth

Takes it to make it so don’t tread on me
It never looks rigged to the those pulling strings
And the rules do feel fair when you write them
Hands backs hearts minds continuing to be
bought sold auctioned cycled and recycled

Socialism this never was and never shall be
The view from the top of the pyramid
Clear clean comfortable concise unassailable
will never be available to “people like me”
Rare and exceptional doors remain closed

And while more doors are open to me than not
I will never even get to peek at the peaks
or truly experience the luxuries that are
taken for granted by people who will always
consider me nothing more and nothing less

[black history month]