Self-Healing Wounds

Many things that create each and every day
Some things we embrace some things we avoid
some we share and some annoy
Like grains of sand on the opposing platforms
of life’s balancing scale
Little things charge the positive and negative poles

Like today for example (and certainly)
Tasks were accomplished and
Tasks were completed but
When the suboptimal dominates the optimal
then the overarching tone begins to
amplify the underlying loneliness and uncertainty

When our raison d’ĂȘtre begins to feel like
dreamscape hikes through desperate mud
When in the course of fulfilling our contracts the
parts oppose the whole like surly adolescents
When the extras in this reality program
decide to carve out starring roles

Proverbial straws break the backs
of camels aplenty and only one additional
drop of water will flood a thousand villages
The tiniest things alight atop the tiniest things until
these miniature beings gain what amounts to their
very own heft and dimension and life

But what I am discovering is that
even when the fail-safe’s fail-safe fails
and nothing feels safe amongst all the failings is
It really doesn’t matter because it is not important
It doesn’t matter at all because it just doesn’t
It does not matter

And what we may accomplish
and what we advertise
and we take full credit for
and what we believe we are going to do someday
are all just tiny little pieces of the
Many things that create each day