This Is Happy

Destinations of far Destinations of near
Places to go People to be
Hopping from dot to dot to dot to dot
Connecting and disconnecting as [it is]
necessary and appropriate and convenient
ways to open and close our selves
to mutual counterbalancing of joy and suffering

The demands placed on each other
are the demands placed on our selves
Holding our friends as mirrors selectively gazed
Reserving all rights to judge and of jury
Everyone ranked and ordered databases
continually re-sorted to maximize self-protection
Fortresses constructed of butterfly yawns

Declarations indelicately declared finally
Here is the place to be This is what was built
No more just outright derision over minutiae
or babysitting fragile emotional well-beings
We arrived when we were born to wealth and
privileges unknown anywhere else ever again
We squander it all this is happy