In Lieu of Words

If you're asking me, "what have you been working on lately?" you haven't been paying very good attention and, thus, none of this is for you. You can bail out of here at any point and I won't even be offended. It's totally okay.

Just because I no longer type every random thought about every random thing on a Web log does not mean that I am not pondering every random thing at every random moment. Fortunately, I'm keeping notes.

I've been waiting for years to see if the randomness would ever evolve into some semblance of pattern. At some point every creative hopes the tiny pieces shape the small works, and that the small works grow into the larger projects. From notion to story to novel. From riff to song to album. From idea to image to gallery piece.

Interestingly, the aforementioned random pieces have now begun to fall into their respective places. It looks a lot like a jigsaw puzzle to me. Piece = place. And, yeah, there's much difficult work ahead (I didn't say anything was easy).

It can be both frustrating and rejuvenating to hike into the deeper woods. To step away and to observe can be a terrific tonic for focus, paradigm, and chops. But to idly sit back and tolerate all that is wrong, ill, or below us is exhausting. And the internal battles are exponentially more vicious than any of the external. It's always terrifying.

I feel so much better knowing that loose ends are now tied.