It's December Twenty Ten (originally titled)

[cue music now]

I. It's December and I feel as if I'm starting a new season or a new video game life or something newish like the new car smell.  I tend to retreat* a bit in December given the cold, declining light, the snow, all the winter shopping mania, and other things. There are seasons, cycles, and we all sort of know what comes next.  I'm fairly predictable now (as I've always been).  I'm like autumn in a way.
*Didn't Joseph Stalin say something like, "it takes more courage to retreat than to advance" and Sarah Palin say something like, "never retreat, reload"?  Retreat can mean a couple of things, couldn't it?  You can get a manicure at a retreat.  You can have a focus group at a retreat.  You can get shot in the back in retreat.

II. Actually, nothing much to say as you can see with your own brain, I'm just doing what office people call "touching base" or "checking-in" or something trite but well-intended.  I haven't have anything to type lately. Hello. How are you?

Just reminding you that I am an artist; nothing more or less. Even I don't know what that means anymore.  I can only do what I do.  I can make things.  I actually enjoy making things.  I have to make things it turns out. But, unfortunately, I can't draw, tell you about f-stops, play the clarinet, or edit my own writing.  But as I shared with Lily, I have an idea.  No promises, no goals, just an idea.  And as long as I have an idea, I can be an artist.

Hopefully I have learned--or carved some space for--some patience and discipline.  I'd trade in a couple pints of "productivity" for a couple of ounces of "patience & discipline," thanks.  I think I'm going to leave "conceptual continuity" alone for this season.  Just.  Patience.  Discipline.  Some.



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Everything is a work in progress, nothing is predetermined.