Where Were You?

Just pumped us some Exxon® gas and was standing in the McDonalds® just outside of Gibson, PA (off Interstate 81). Looked up at the CNN® stream with disdain (because I hate the TeeVee in public places) when I realized that Benazir Bhutto was just killed.


Scene: I was the weird guy staring at the TeeVee in near tears because he wasn't surprised but horribly disappointed; in everything. Alone, arms flopped to the sides. Commerce happening all around. I was that guy. Sad.

Damn it all. Damn it all to hell.
"Daddy, what's wrong?" said the kid.

"It's hard to lose an election when the opposition is dead," I said.

"That's not nice." She said it in heartfelt consolation.

"Are you O.K.?" she wondered.

"Yep. I have you." That's what I said. And, I meant it too.
Damn it all. Damn it all to hell.