The Older I Get... [Update 2]

...the more I find myself yelling at the TeeVee:
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
...and the interwebs:
The evolution of creationism
It's like evolving backwards.

Stop having babies, people. As Roast Beef famously said, "What we need more of...is science."

------------- Update -------------
“And in some parts of the country, we celebrate Scopes as a victory over ignorance, while still insisting that we do not also celebrate it as a victory over religion. What these endless Scopes sequels tell us is that somewhere many years from now we’re going to hit a fork in the road, beyond which this have-it-both-ways philosophy isn’t going to fly anymore. I God dead or isn’t he? Are we believers or not? They know what we think. They just want us to come out and say it.”

- Matt Taibbi, "Darwinian Warfare" from Smells Like Dead Elephants, 2007
------------- Update 2 -------------
"But for most people, theory means a haphazard guess you've pulled out of your, uh, hat. It's an insult, really, a glib way to dismiss a point of view: "Ah, well, that's just your theory." Scientists use theory in one specific way, the public another — and opponents of evolution have expertly exploited this disconnect."

- Clive Thompson, "Why Science Will Triumph Only When Theory Becomes Law" from Wired Magazine, 15.11